A whole new world Life Begins

So after promising myself some ‘down time’ I’m writing this from my sun lounger in Mauritius…. never really can switch off properly can you?

After opening our arms to 2 beautiful rescue dogs who have been with us for at least 18 months now you really do get a sense of importance and begin to understand how much you have changed their lives forever. It’s such an amazing feeling! On a day to day basis now their just part of the family; just Arthur and just Deru. But when I look back on the pictures the difference in both of them is surreal. Skinny, malnourished, injured…. incredible what a good meal and oodles of love can do isn’t it.


I once read something that said ‘you wont change the world by saving one animal, but you will change that animals world’ Something I believe so strongly in however part of me endeavours to change this. This became apparent to me during this vacation; the amount of stray dogs I have seen just wandering the streets, climbing in rubbish bins, roaming the beaches in hope for a scrap of food that’s been left behind. It breaks my heart to see it, especially when I think that our precious Deru was once in this situation. As much as this is the ‘norm’ in these countries I just hate to see it.

Chris always jokes with me and says that if I could I would save all the dogs in the world, set up a huge rescue foundation which helps all the strays, the injured, the malnourished and nurse them back to care – gosh wouldn’t that be the dream right there!! Truth is, I would LOVE to do it, I made it my passion from being a young girl to always love animals, it came more naturally to me than loving other human beings! Animals just have this amazing ability to give back, whether that be just a look or a well needed hug at the end of a tough day at work; their always happy to see you and that, I believe, to a be a very rare quality amongst us humans these days.

Being the avid tourist when travelling I find myself fitting into the stereotypical snapper of sites & all things beautiful; that is up until I see a stray dog – perfect example happened just yesterday. There I was admiring the most stunning scenery of the waterfalls at Black River Gorges National Park until I was distracted by the most beautiful stray dog sat there behind me, looking at all the passers by. I just stopped in my tracks, those puppy eyes, maybe a collie type mixed breed, his mangled fur and tinny ribs. I just wanted to pick him up, give him a good bath, meal tell him everything was going to be okay from now on… but the truth is, I couldn’t, and that killed me.


On that day I had to remind myself of the importance of the above saying, remind myself of my dogs back home and how I’ve already changed their lives so much for the better. And more importantly of all the members of the amazing community we are part of, the family that we have within the amazing trust of Vizslamentes who have been so supportive right from the beginning. (I have popped their link below for anyone who might be interested in the work they do and maybe even rescuing a baby just like ours)

At this point in our lives, as much as I hate to say it, we have no room for another rescue baby (I’m hoping I can have the conversation of ‘when 3 becomes 4’ with my husband sometime soon – then again maybe I just go for the ‘SURPRISE’ and then he can’t say no) haha. But what I will say is for anyone who is looking for a new addition to their family, whether it be a new pup or a slightly older companion is to seriously consider rescuing a dog. Unfortunately there are so many unplanned litters out there these days, breeders who haven’t done their research into the breed or how demanded having a litter really is. This resulting in so many unwanted puppies, people who cannot cope with their personalities, the dogs needs and ultimately give them up; albeit sometimes for the better welfare of the pups, sometimes just through ignorance. A sad tale to tell but all so true.

After giving Arthur and Deru their forever home I can honestly say it has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. The love they have given me in return for a roof over their heads has been phenomenal; not only that but the things I have learnt from doing this, how we have grown together, writing our own story along the way. A huge commitment but I will tell you there is no better reward than seeing those happy smiling faces each and every day, something I will treasure forever.

For now, I’m going to leave you with another quote which I personally love…

‘Dogs have a way of finding people who need them…filling an emptiness we didn’t even know we had’ <3

Lara & Deru x


  1. Bless you for caring so passionately for all the homeless animals. Totally agree that homing a rescue has got to be one of the best things ever.

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